STUDIO LOMA - COLETTE ring, goldplated with Herkimer diamond

800,00 kr



Beautiful Herkimer diamond ring. 

Each diamond is unique - approximately 5 x 8 mm.

The Herkimer diamond can be all clear or with small inclusions, often brown/black carbon.

What also make the Herkimer very unique is, that the facets are natural.

Ring shank: 1.5 mm

Gold plated 925 Sterling silver in a 14 carat, 3 micron thick gold layer (gold vermeil).


Though Diamond is the real name of this gemstone it is actually a Quartz Crystal gemstone. Originally found first time 500 years ago in Herkimer County, in the state of New York. Due to its clarity and natural faceting it was named Herkimer diamond. In contrast to real diamonds, these gemstones grow above the earth surface. It is a strong gemstone with 7.5 on the MOHS scale.

Handmade in a production with Fairtrade ethics.